14 September 2014


On Friday after running some errands with Naomi, we started on the route back home.  We didn't have any groceries in the back, so we went on a spontaneous trip to one of my favorite parks! It's usually very quiet, right at the end of a small mesa, and has a trail head that goes down into the bigger surrounding canyons.  Seriously, I feel like we're really in the mountains whenever we go here - the wind always seems to be blowing so the leaves and branches of the trees are rustling, there are beautiful wildflowers everywhere (as seen on my Instagram, I often take a couple home with me), and Naomi's shouting echoes from the canyons. :)

We've only been in Los Alamos for a few years now, but I feel like I'm starting to carve out bits of it that are mine.  Mine to make memories in, mine to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of, mine to love.  I can say with certainty that this park is my favorite.  Other of my favorites in town are: a favorite spot to take a panoramic photo, a favorite breakfast burrito, and a favorite mailman.  Also, these smiling eyes.  When this girl is happy, she is ALL happy.  Another favorite.

I hope this silly, sweet, happy, crazy, and busy girl of mine will love her hometown as much I'm learning to.  Also, thank goodness for baby swings.  This chick LOVES them.  Seriously, she was sad almost every time I took her out.  Luckily there was a slide nearby... 

Also, also, Naomi started taking her first steps last week! Ahh!! Where's the heart emoticon when you need it?!  I would totally use that wide-eyed one, too.

All photos above taken by me with my iPhone.

08 September 2014

MENU: 7 SEPT. - 13 SEPT.

 This weekend we explored a paved trail that led us to a dead end.  After continuing on through bushes and hills (with a stroller, since we thought it'd all be paved), we eventually made our way into a neighborhood that connected to another lovely, paved, trail.  

We were up early in the morning, and got to enjoy the sunrise and cool breezes of early autumn.  Though much more adventurous than what we'd had in mind, it was a lot of fun.  After all of our exploring, we went to a few yard sales and bought a few things to be fixed up.  I need to buy a staple gun, now! I can't wait!  I'll blog more about those as I actually gather supplies.

Brooke has been making dinner once a week.  Typically they've been on Sundays, and she's done a great job.  Last night she made a crispy honey pepper beef with rice and a peach crisp for dessert.  She has a special notebook to write all of her successful recipes in that we're going to customize by collaging  the outside cover.  I love doing things like that.  I'll probably have to do the same to one of my notebooks, too.  You know, so she's not lonely while she's working on hers. ;-)

Here's the menu for the week!:
Photos above taken by me this weekend, on my iPhone.

02 September 2014


In honor of the holiday yesterday, we ignored projects and cleaning at our house and took the day off and went to Santa Fe.  In our errands we included a trip to Camino Real Imports where I bought some Mexican blankets, and lunch at one of our favorite burger places in town, The Shake Foundation.  Green Chile Cheeseburgers all around! To top off the day, I met up with a good friend for dinner and we talked for hours!

In other news, I've recently put together a monthly dinner menu.  It covers four weeks.  We put this together at the suggestion of a sister-in-law who has used this method successfully for years.  This way, I can change things up a little, but I know much more in advance what I'll be cooking this week.  We planned weekly menus for years, but sometimes the task would be forgotten and I'd be stuck deciding, in my indecisive manner, what to have for dinner that evening.  Stressful!  In this four-week plan I haven't scheduled anything for Sundays, because Ryan is home in the afternoon and enjoys cooking, so that's our 'wildcard' day.  We also have been having Brooke cook once a week, so she either makes her own version of what is planned, or makes her own thing.  We also observe Meatless Mondays (observe makes it sound so hoity-toity), and have Wednesday dedicated to Leftovers.  We've been going for about two weeks and it's been great so far.

With that said, here is our dinner menu for this week:

For other great menu ideas, go check out my friend Jenny's Food Blog.  Also, the photo above was taken by Ryan this weekend.

See you soon! 
xo, Ky

29 August 2014


Dear Friends, 

Weekends are the best.  This weekend our plans have changed about three different times.  Right now it looks like it will be filled with painting walls (patching), installing floor boards, transferring plants, and a bit of hang out time in Santa Fe.   This weekend I'm also going to buy some mums to pot in my new urns I bought at Lowe's this week (end of season sale!)  Mums remind me of living in Virginia, and my friend Melissa, so I think I'll probably always try to have some as Autumn comes.

I've been doing a lot of blog-contemplation.  Ages ago I would post about a 'Song for Saturday,' a menu, lots of music videos were thrown in there, a bit of travel, and a few recipes.  The only thing I've been consistent on lately is music (more for me than you. ;)  However,  I sense another wave of blog activity is near.  I even tweeted two days in a row.  I've always been active on Instagram, but I'm ready for more oomph!  More of the nitty-gritty!  (Nacho Libre, anyone?)

While I have other personal goals for this year, like a bit of painting (not on walls), sewing, and running....  I'm not totally set on what to do with this space.   I'll play around, try and schedule things a little more.  Hopefully some of it will be interesting (again, even if only for my sake).

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

The Goodies:

Saw this funny movie last week!

Been eating these cookies fresh from the oven (which were ready to go from our freezer!)

I've been loving Annie's (of Annie's Eats) school lunch photos on Instagram this month!

Can you imagine staying in one of these places? Sweden!

My friend introduced me to this food blog a while ago, but now the author is releasing a cookbook! (Thanks Julia!)

Funny: Annual Ranking of America's Top Homeschools. :)

I'm really intrigued by this meeting of hot pink and gold. 

Cup of Jo's '8 Things I've Learned About Marriage'

Didn't know this was turning into a movie.  Looks cute!

Finally, I have a few windows around here that could use these valances.  Project time!

Have a good one, folks! And don't forget to let me know what I should do with my life blog.
xo, Ky

18 August 2014


Hi friends.  My brother was married this summer, and at one of the receptions the DJ (my awesome Uncle Josh) played this song.  Since you're cooler than me, you've probably heard it before.  I hadn't, and I can't stop listening.  Such a fun, bouncy song!

18 July 2014


Favorite. Weird Al. Song. of. All. Time.

03 February 2014


So, I really love Nickel Creek.  They have a charming and spunky sound.  But, they took an "indefinite break"after their last tour and worked on different projects (Punch Brotherssinging with Sarah Jarosz, releasing solo albums, Fiction Familyplaying together just for fun, and just taking some down time).

They just announced this morning that (after 9 years) they are releasing a new album! Woohoo!!!!

Check out their first single, "Destination."  And if you live in or near a major city, you may be lucky enough to attend a show on their limited tour this spring/summer.  You can see the tour schedule on their website.

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