26 Jan 2009

Having debated whether to actually start this blog or not to for quite a few months now, here is the evidence of my decision. :)

Here is yesterday's Pearls Before Swine, click on it for an easier read.
I know it's random. You gotta love it.

This weekend Ryan and I watched the last three Star Wars movies - IV, V and VI. SO good. I know I had a furrowed brow from getting caught up in that sweet 70's sci-fi action! They are so much better than the new ones, though they added some newer scenes to the recently released dvd versions of the last three. For example - of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, after Darth Vader has died, standing in spirit next to Obi-Wan and Yoda. Wasn't expecting that.
Also, did you know that there are Star Wars books?? I had no idea. Aparently there are quite a few out there, but not all by the same author. I have yet to investigate further - I'll report once I know more.

Also, yesterday we made Chicken Parmesan, from the "bible" (a.k.a. Cook's Illustrated "The Best New Recipe"). We use that cookbook for most everything, especially consulting. So, for the Chicken Parmesan, Ryan brined the chicken in a salt water solution for a half hour to help tenderize the chicken. Next we let it dry and breaded it (flour+egg+breadcrumbs), and let that solution dry. Meanwhile, we put the tomatoe sauce together and started the water in the pot for the spaghetti noodles. With the oil hot in the cast iron skillet, we started frying the chicken, then layered grated mozarella and parmesan on top. To serve, place the chicken breast on the noodles, and ladel some sauce on top. Mmm. We also had bread and salad, but the main menu is always the life of the dinner party. Ha!


  1. oooh that sounds delicious. gabby's family wants to start a blog. you should teach gabby's mom how to. i like your whole blog page. the background is cute. i love it!! ♥brookie

  2. love your blog and tales from the kitchen. I am a shameless blog lurker, but will try to be somewhat regular in posting comments.


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