16 Feb 2009

Happy President's Day!
Also, Happy Anniversary Mom and Cam! Two years!!

So, this has been a busy weekend! Saturday was Valentine's Day, Sunday was my mom's birthday, today is just another day off before we head back up to our reality.

It was a good weekend, so I'll give a quick rundown:

Friday: Ryan and I both worked/had school until 4:00ish. Then, we took a nap until 6pm. Ha ha. Then, we went to Steph's for two seconds and headed to A&W for dinner. Perfect meal = Papa Burger, Fries, A&W rootbeer in a frosted glass. Next we went home and got dressed up and headed to the church for the Valentine's Ball. We only stayed for a handfull of dances, but it was a lot of fun! Then we made a quick trip to Smith's Marketplace and headed home.

Saturday: Slept in! Happy V-Day! I got up, made pancakes and scrambled eggs, we have a new griddle which made it particularly nice, and then I cut up oranges and strawberries to accessorize the meal. Then we cleaned up the apartment, got ready for the day, packed up some overnight stuff and headed out of town. On our way out, Ryan drove a not-normal-yet-not-unheard-of-route to avoid Main Street. While he was doing this, he pulled up behind the Coppermill, some mortgage company and Fred's Flowers. He stopped the car and said to me "You just keep texting, I'll be right back." (I had been networking with my coworkers to find a phone number for someone.) Only a minute later he showed up with a beautiful bouquet of yellow lilies and red/orange roses. At the same time, he pulled out a blue wrapped box of Bluebird chocolates! Holy Cow! 'How did he surprise me with all of this?' I'm thinking to myself. I thought I had been on top of things. Ha ha. Not that I really minded at all. In fact, I was just really about the situation. So, on we go through the fog and traffic delays until we get to Salt Lake. The rest of the afternoon and night included a stop at Orson Gygi, a cooking place, a stop at Fashion Place Mall, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, a stop at Barnes and Noble, and then Ryan, Brooke and I went and saw Coraline in 3-D.

Sunday: Happy Birthday Mom!! After sleeping in for a second day, I got up to wrap my mother's gift (Cook's Illustrated mag + 1 yr subscription and some nice measuring spoons). After church, I made a butter yellow cake and took a nap, later we all helped with the final touches of getting dinner set-up and sat down to stuffed pork chops, squash, cucumber salad, green salad, asparagus, and bread. After dinner, we cleaned up and grabbed the cake and the gifts. I just know that you will be proud when I tell you that on top of the chocolate frosting, I piped some cherry frosting onto the cake spelling out "Happy Birthday MOM!!" with a few cute pink hearts. This may sounds silly, but I was so proud! Ha ha! Then, the gifts, beside our gift, she got a little clay foam bowl made by Brooke, a Lowe's gift card from Cam for my mom to start her painting and other projects for the house from Cam, and a coupon for a massage and a poem from Caitlin. It was so ridiculous, I'm going to share it with you. :)

Mother Dear, I Love You So...
By: Caitlin Ellis...a.k.a. your favorite :)

You loved me when I was young,
Even with my many beautiful songs to be sung.
Your laugh was like music to me,
Especially at my wee age of three.
You always showed me that you care,
You even let me inherit your hair.
You smile and I'm lost in wonderland,
Sometimes, you even let me hold your hand <3
You always wipe away my tears,
I think you have beautiful ears.
Your eyes are like a forest green,
My own enchanted forest sheen.
You buy me socks when I'm in need,
Sometimes I call you Mrs. Deeds. (Sorry Cam)
Our love is abundant like water on the earth,
I dare say it's more valuable than my love for myrrh.
If only we could run away into the horizon together,
My life would be complete, even under stormy weather.
My talent of loving you is natural to me,
I love you, I love you, I love you, you see.
This message is for you as you approach a full age,
However this means nothing, you're very young and sage.
You are beautiful like a palm tree in the wind,
I'm serious, you are, and our lives have spinned.
Mother dear, I love you so.
Please hold onto my heart, and never let go.

I hope you enjoyed that, we were all laughing really hard by the time we got to the end.

Well, I guess I'll get up and go make something of my day off!


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