For E, and anyone else interested

So, these are our table and chairs.
Probably not worth much $$$, but it's a good sturdy table.
I'll give it to the highest bidder, starting at a high five.


just email me and let me know if you want it at the end of the semester.
btw- the measurements are: 3'x5' and roughly 2.5' tall

*Status Update*
Erin is taking the table and chairs


  1. Number one, I love you guys! I'm gonna miss you like crazy. How far is MD from VA? I would LOVE to come visit. Oh man, I'm seriously gonna miss seeing you at the cafe :(

    Numero dos, 5 dollah? As in the same price for a footlong from subway? Pshh, I'll start the bidding then. $5 :)

  2. so I meant high five as in free - just a slap of the hands. ha ha.

    p.s. it looks like a 4.5 hour drive to blacksburg.

  3. yay!! I'll take it!! Wahoo!! And a 4-5 hour drive?!? Not bad!! I'm really gonna miss you guys.


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