I'm not writing dates for the title anymore

Today today today...today is Friday.

Ryan has been admitted officially to VA Tech (whose colors are maroon and orange, btw) and in the fall we're moving to Blacksburg, Virginia!! I'm so excited about it. Ryan will have huge opportunities with research and school, there is a community college in the next town and Radford University twenty miles away (possibilities for me!!), it's a nice place to live (small town, but access to real stores), we have family within 3-6 hours away and my friend Julia and her husband will also be about 5 hours away from us!! The only down side is that it's a hard place to get to...what I mean is that the closest airport is in North Carolina, Greensboro and Charlotte, both a little under three hours away. But I don't care!! I'm so excited!!

Back to right now, it's time to start packing things. I think we're going to sell our table and chairs. Anyone interested?

Also, I'm really proud of my brother.
Have a fantastic day!!


  1. AH!!! YAY!! Congrats Ryan!! Question...how much are your table and chairs and what do they look like?

  2. Kylie!! Tell Ryan congrats! Thats so exciting!


  3. congratulations to you and Ryan on your East Coast adventure!

  4. That is awesome!!! I was in Dayton this weekend picking out my condo and it is BEAUTIFUL over there!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get out of Utah! I have always hated it here!


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