birthday cake + acoma pueblo


For my 21st birthday we (Karl, Jane, Michelle, Jeff, James, Emily, Ryan and I) went to dinner at El Pinto. It was fantastic. I shared a calabacitas burrito* with Michelle and Jane and ate my fair share of sopapillas and honey. Then, we all went to a movie. We saw Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. We were so busy with everything, that nobody ever thought about a birthday cake. So, the next day, Ryan and I made one. It was a Red Waldorf cake with cream frosting. It was pretty good. Not amazing. But pretty good.

The next day was Memorial Day. Ryan and Karl didn't have work, so we decided to go on a day-trip to Acoma Pueblo. We went to the Sky City, which is a city of 400+ small homes and a mission on top of a mesa. It has existed for a REALLY LONG TIME. Don't ask me, because I don't remember. :) We took the walking tour of the town - then Ryan and I braved the stepping path down the mesa. It was really steep, with hand-holds that had been worn into the stone walls from the thousands of people that had made the climb up and down the mesa before they built a road in the 1950's. Only 13-17 families live up there year-round. The rest only inhabit their Sky City homes during festivals and ceremony seasons. It was pretty awesome to see, and our timing was great, because as soon as we got down the mesa, it started getting really windy, dusty and then rained for about 10 minutes.

This is one of the three water holes that they keep up there. They use it to mix with mud and such to touch-up their adobe-style homes. The rest of the water they get by a rainwater cistern or it's brought up in barrels by truck.

and....Here I am at the near-bottom of the steep foot-path.

We were the first down, so could take pictures easily.

No holding up, you know?


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