Go Melissa!

So, this morning I found a post about reality tv on { this } blog.
Next, I started thinking about how...
I am a big fan of the reality contest show called:

Oh yeah. I've followed this season from the very beginning. From Jen's not-quite-up-to-par green beans, to Eddie's TMI presentation about Valentine's Day meals, to hearing about delicious antioxidants from Katie, to Jamika not being
able to handle the stress and my favorite, Debbie the dishonest being eliminated this last Sunday (I was jumping up and down).

Now it's down to my two favorites, Melissa and Jeffrey.

She's not a chef, she's just an amazing cook.
She was a successful careerwoman for 10 years.
She has traveled all over the world.
She has four daughters under four years old.
She learned english as a second language, spanish was her first.
Her range of cooking exptertise is incredible.
To see more, click { here }.

He loves to use chiles when he cooks.
His motto is to "cook without borders."
He has a second degree black belt.
He is VERY in love with his wife, and the travel to Italy often.
He is the father of two.
He owns a real estate firm in Los Angeles.
He does well combining unique flavor-pairings.
Did I mention he has a second degree black belt?
To see more, click { here }.
I really want Melissa to win. She has certainly been the most surprising candidate throughout the whole show. Plus, she is so normal. It makes me want to babysit her little girls or something. Be a friend to her. I digress...

So, the finale show is the next Sunday, August 2nd at 9pm e/t. That's 7pm for all you mountain people. :) Julia, that's 8pm for you.

Happy Food Networking!


  1. I LOVE Melissa. I want her to win so bad!
    I got so mad the holiday episode the lame guys tried to gang up on her.

  2. ahhh man i love this show! im so glad debbie is gone. oh man. but these 2 are my favorite! i prefer jeffrey because melissa can sometimes get annoying, but i am so curious to see what happens! they are both so fantastic!

  3. Go Melissa!!!! She is my FAVE!!!! Poor lady! When that preppy jerk was being such an $#@ many episodes ago.. ( you know what I'm referring to, right?) Anyway- GO MELISSSSSAAAA!!!!! (If she doesn't win, the guy is pretty nice, but its always more relatable to watch a woman cooking show- or is it just me?) Thanks for the side note, I'll be sure to tune in at EIGHT.


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