NM Braithwaite Get-Together

June 30-July 5
This is Mason. He's the baby.
Group lunch after group pictures at 66 Diner!
b.f.f.'s, Jeff and RyanCroasdell kids like to climb things.
(James, Stephanie, Amanda and Emily)

Youngsters on the plane. Mason's into it.
(Gavin, Mason, Colin)

Some did LazerTag, others went to The Proposal.
(Ryan, James, Jeff, Emily, Colin, Gavin)

Peter Piper Pizza as requested by Todd.Dad-Dad and Colin fishing at Shady Lakes.
Mason thought it was hilarious to hide himself in
this closet and scream when you opened it.

Running through the sprinklers on 4th of July.
"It's what the founding fathers would want" -Jim Gaffigan
(Emily and Colin)

If there weren't adults around, he would have jumped in.
(Michelle and Mason)

Watching fireworks in Croasdell back yard.
(Scott, Jane, Manda, Steph, Me, Ryan, and neighbors)

4th of July adventure in Jemez Mountains
(Me, Manda, Steph, Michelle, Raquel, Scott, Gavin, etc.)

BIG thunderstorm ready to halt our 4th of July
picnic. Changed plans, drove to Los Alamos and
bought some ice cream.

The Karl and Jane Braithwaite Family
(Karl, Jane, Jeff, Ryan, Kylie, Mason, Raquel, Scott, Gavin)
(James, Amanda, Michelle)
(Colin, Emily, Stephanie, Todd)


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