Why hello, Mother Nature!

Ryan and I went camping the other weekend. We camped in the Jemez mountains, between La Cueva and Fenton Lake. It was just us, our outback, and our tent. Oh, and a cooler with yummy food.

Looking over La Cueva, above our camp site.
(It's the white part in the middle)
Pretty sunshine through the trees.
Tin foil dinners. It was our first time, they'll be amazing next time. Ha ha.
Making Mountain Hash in the mountains...
(Potatoes O'Brien, Maple Sausage and Scrambled Eggs)
Oh look! Another shot of the mountain hash. Wow.
Ryan is an excellent fire attendant.

The next weekend, we spent one night at Corkin's Lodge,
near Chama and Los Ojos, NM.
Take a look { here }.
It was beautiful.

Here's a view of the Brazos Mountains at sunset.
Our little cabin (Peebles), Ryan and the Brazos.
We love New Mexico!
It started getting dark...but you just had to take another picture.
They're enormous!
Hanging out in the cabin after dark.
I was in a REALLY old rocking chair next to the wood stove.
"Give said the little stream..."
Mostly this was experimentation on shooting running water.
Us + Stream
Karl+Jane and Kylie+Ryan
Bug bite on my forehead. Perfect.
Ryan took these of the daisies at my request:
So pretty!
This one is my favorite.
Ryan is a much better photographer than I am. Thanks, Ryan.


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