She did it!!

Congratulations, Melissa d'Arabian!

Starting next week, she'll be hosting "$10 Dinners" feeding a family of four for $10 or less.

Take a sneak peek of the show { here }.

I was a little sad for Jeffrey, he is such a great chef. But, I enjoyed Melissa's pilot better than Jeffrey's. The funny thing is, in less than two weeks, I won't have cable anymore... So I won't be able to get caught up these shows again...

For example:
which premiers on Sunday, October 4th. So, those of you with cable...enjoy!!


  1. i was waiting for this post by you. the minute the show was over, i knew it would appear. :) hooray! was great to talk to you for the few minutes we chatted today, i think we should do that more often. <3 you!


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