Welcome Home

It's been a few weeks, and our lives have progressed to full speed ahead. We're in and out all of the time with school, and the only time the house isn't quiet is when we're cooking* or watching a movie.
Granted, I have some movies on for background noise when I'm doing dishes or home-working it up.
However, this place is much bigger than our last apartment, and it's been fun to have room to grow. All of this being said, thank-you, for finishing this paragraph. Let's get to the pictures, shall we?

This is the part where you say "Oh, cute!"
Most of the house is still a mess just waiting to be organized and put away.
Keeping that in mind, here is some of the apartment:
{ family room }

{my office & the bikes }

{ wall between family room & kitchen/dining room }

{ green glass fish windchime, anniversary gift }

{ tow mater neon clock that greets us in the kitchen }

{ pretty curtains in bedroom (to block the light from outside, silly...) }

{ walk-in closet to the right }

{ walk-in closet to the front }

{ our friendly fridge }

* see following post about skillet peach cobbler


  1. i wish i could see it in PERSON!!! i will start walking, and will be there by christmas...maybe
    haha. its so cute ky! im glad things are going well and you are happy!


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