Cub Scouts, 1

I am an Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader.
(Ryan is the Den Leader)

The previous leaders of these five energetic boys were in there for nearly three years.  Three years!
They loved it!  Needless to say, they've been extremely friendly, encouraging, and helpful while we "learn the ropes" about everything.  In the beginning I was SUPER overwhelmed.  I have a brother who was in Scouts, but that was basically all I knew about scouting. Period.  Then when I was telling my mom about being a new Den Leader, she reminded me that she had been a Wolf Den Leader, and that she hadn't liked it at all.  Hmph.  Great. 

Well, I had a hard time motivating myself to be excited at all for our first Den meeting last night.  Thanks to R, it all went very smoothly, and the boys responded well.  So, even though I feel ridiculous in my tucked-in, tan, short-sleeved uniform (complete with patches, neckerchief, and slider) - I am less not-excited for next weeks Den Meeting than I was yesterday at this time.

Ay ay ay.


  1. That sounds like a fun calling! Do you get to go camping?

  2. They did go camping this last summer with the former leaders, but we are going to be in Abq this upcoming summer, so we'll have to see. That would be fun, though. Mostly we do service, crafts, and go on field-trips. :)

  3. Hahaha! I LOVED that post! Let me know how den leading goes :) Have fun!

  4. hey! i found it, and this is super cute! you guys do a rockin awesome job at scouts, so thank you! (keep posting good recipes, i love them!)


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