Sucked in...

First, have I mentioned that I've had a lot of unplanned time on my hands the last couple of weeks?
Well, we out here in Virginia have gotten a TON of snow, and my classes have been canceled for a total of seven days.  Had I known I would have had this much time on my hands, I might have planned a little better and been oh, I don't know, productive?  Unsurprisingly, I was not productive.  Instead, I was lazy.  

During this laziness, Ryan and I started watching The Lord of the Rings (the extended edition)(aka a billion hours long).  Having finished The Return of the King a few nights ago, I am happy to tell you that I have now started watching The Appendices (aka a billion hours of behind-the-scenes).

I love the Lord of the Rings.  
In fact, I think I might read the trilogy again this summer.


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