Cookies - Not for me this time

Today on campus, the Human Services and Early Childhood Organization was having a bake sale and selling lunch (Pulled Pork Sandwiches).  I offered to make cookies and package them individually for the sale.  

I remembered last night as I was going to bed.

Luckily, Ryan agreed to help me make our classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - and threw it in the fridge.  This morning we (begrudgingly- silly Daylight Savings) got out of bed and turned on the oven.  Next we formed 13 big globs of dough, placed 'em on the parchment-papered sheets and threw 'em in.  

They came out as 13 big, chunky, chewy (looking) cookies. 
Mmm! (I didn't actually eat one.)  :D

Successfully, all of them sold - making a profit of $6.50.  You're welcome, HSECO. 


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