Dinner on Saturday

Saturday is one of my favorite days to eat at home.  Usually we're both home, so we get to cook together.  Often, we make bigger meals (requiring some planning, and/or more time than we usually give) on Saturday which is a nice change from weekdays, and we always usually have leftovers. ("Leftovers Rule!" -R)

Tonight for dinner, we had:

Roasted Sweet Potato (w/ vietnamese cinnamon)
Garlic & Olive Oil Couscous w/ roasted asparagus
                         Artichokes (w/ butter for dipping) 
+                                           Virgil's Cream Soda*
Super simple dinner with good familiar flavors.

Have a great weekend!

* I should mention that Virgil's Root Beer is Fantastic!  The perfect we're-gonna-make-this-a-special-occasion-just-because-we-feel-like-it beverage. :-)


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