My birthday was on Sunday.
We had a family gathering/dinner to celebrate.
We were so busy cooking that I didn't get ANY photos.  Which I'm really sad about.  Luckily, these flowers are hearty, and survived a two hour car trip in my lap to our basement apartment in Los Alamos, so I was able to photograph them this morning.  I bought these flowers from Costco, (Does anyone know what kind these are?  They have a strong smell that reminds me of peppermint.) and vases and rocks from Target.  

OK, now just imagine with me as I explain what it looked like.  The table is oval shaped, and seats six, though we seated eight for this dinner.  The tablecloth was red linen (I think).  We had round bamboo place mats, and we used Jane's stoneware (circular, orange in the center, red surrounding...).  Now, imagine that with two of these flower arrangements as the centerpieces.  It was beautiful. 

The menu:
Main entree:
Boneless Buffalo Wings (Buffalo Hot Sauce, Bobby Flay's Spicy Sauce, and BBQ sauce)
Onion Rings
Soft Pretzels (Salted and Cinnamon Sugar)
Veggie Tray
Summer Berry Salad w/ Poppy Seed Dressing
Bluebell (Homemade Vanilla) Ice Cream
Assorted toppings (fruit, chocolate, candied nuts...)
Izze sodas (Blackberry, Clementine, Grapefruit)
Ice water

Recipes to come!


  1. Hello friend! The dinner party sounds wonderful! And I definitely think you should post some of those recipes :) they sound divine!
    Now, I believe your beautiful flowers are white delphiniums...thats what Im leaning towards from my horticulture years way back when ;) I could be wrong, but there ya have it!
    Well I hope your birthday was lovely! I <3 you!


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