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After Cub Scouts (we learned about knife safety and sharpened pocket knives) and a little Cinco de Mayo fiesta (that went later than we'd planned - we meaning me) last night we didn't get home until 10:30 PM last night! 10:30. Then, I didn't get into bed until 4:30 AM!! Almost three hours of sleep later and I was going again! I haven't stayed up late since... who even knows!  

The good news:  
I took a nap this afternoon.
I have a wonderful husband/roommate/amigo. 
I turned in my portfolio (with a lot of help from R last night & this morning) and it looked great!
I turned in my take-home test.
I get to cross at least three things off of my list.
I ate my lunch outside on a bench under a huge tree on campus today.
I can see a spider on the outside of my window.
I saw this clip of the Miss Ellen show with Gwyneth Paltrow that made me laugh.

The bad other news:
I still have a chapter test tomorrow.
I still need to write an analysis and take a chapter quiz.
I still have one final on Monday and two on Tuesday.
I still have another two hours of computer homework to complete. 
(MyITLab? Heard of it? Kill me now.)(Last one!!)
This next Sunday will be the last time at our church until we come back in August.
I am sending a Mother's Day card to my mom tomorrow.  (Seemed to be on top of everything else but the card.)(Heh.)

 The point of the post:
Really I just think you should check out the Miss Ellen clip.  I thought it was funny.


  1. I know one time when you stayed up waaaaaaaaay late-when we slept over at Julia's! And we tried to go to Harmon's for who-knows-what at 3 a.m. but it was closed so we had to go to Smith's...remember?! Twas a great night.

  2. Oh yeah!! Yeah - we were crazy, what can I say? Am I a good influence on you, Kat? ;)


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