Road Trip!

Today we start our trip to New Mexico for the summer.  If you call it a trip, it sounds more fun than moving right?  I mean, we aren't really moving... Most of our things will still be in Virginia, but still.  

This summer to me means:
  • Family
    • C's high school graduation
    • Cousin's wedding
    • 2 nieces in Logan (Just graduated from USU!)
  • Mountains
    • Utah, Colorado, New Mexico
  • Sunshine (and sunblock)
  • Friends
    • Old friends
    • High School friends (maybe...?)
    • College friends (E!)
  • Cooking on the Grill
    • Pizza
    • Veggies
    • Pineapple
    • Chicken
    • Maybe I'll try fish this year...
  • Green Chili
  • Distance Education (9 credits)
    • Math
    • Health
    • Child Psychology
  • Road Trips
    • Longmont, CO
    • Zion's Nat'l Park
  • Movies
    • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Go ahead - laugh)
    • Toy Story 3
    • The Last Airbender
    • Eat, Pray, Love
  • Etc. 

                                               *update #1* 
We made it through most of this state today.  So. Much. Rain.  As if they could use any more water... :)   Now we're off to have some dinner and then come back and soak in the hot tub. Ooh yeah! I'll check in tomorrow!
*update #2*
We passed through this state with no trouble at all. We made it here just in time to have dinner at Montana Mike's Steakhouse.  We were given a coin for a free appetizer, so we had Mountain Stuffed Mushrooms (Jumbo mushroom cups stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and ranch seasoning.  Dipped in crunchy breaded crumbs and fried to crispy. Served with ranch dressing. Such a treat!). Then, we shared an entree.  We chose the Mountain Topper (Grilled chicken topped with peppered bacon, sauteed mushrooms, shredded jack/cheddar cheese, and a touch of honey mustard.) And some sides (Baked sweet potato, a perfect roll, and a side salad.)
It was so yummy.
It was a long day of driving, but the good news is, we'll be done driving tomorrow afternoon!


    1. I want to see Twilight (at midnight) so badly! Eat, Pray, Love? They're making a movie? I just got that book from the library. I'll be sure to read it next.

      PS: Are you coming to Utah at all? Amy comes home next Wednesday (I think). It would be so fun to have the three of us do lunch. Let me know if that works. Love ya!

    2. Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie!! I'm so excited you're coming!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

    3. :D
      Kat - I'm glad you're a fan, too. :) Also, yes! Read it! I really liked it. Finally. about Amy, she comes home THAT SOON? WOW!!! Of course!!! I'll be in UT from May 30-June 21, so get a hold of me!!

      E - AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! :D I'll let you know when I'm coming to Logan. My sis has SOAR while I'm there - So I'm def coming up with her.

    4. Sounds busy! Are you coming up to Logan?! If so- CALL ME!!


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