staying positive

Maintaining focus right before an upcoming change (or many, for that matter) is really hard. 
I love all you Utah people, but some of us are still in school for another week! 
This is my last week of class and then I have three finals the beginning of next week.  By the 14th, we'll be on our way out to New Mexico.  THEN, I'll be flying to Utah for 3 weeks on May 30.  (whoa!)

Anyway...  Despite all of the stress of finishing up projects/portfolios and prepping for chapter tests before the actual final exams next week (Yeah, yeah I know - it's crummy - but we missed 6 days of school because of snow this semester, so I can't complain.) I've been a little stressed out lately. 

So, here is something that cheered me up.  Hopefully it'll cheer you up, too.


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