Almost one year ago the movie UP (Disney Pixar) came out.  Have you seen it?  It is one of my favorite movies. 
 (click on image for movie trailer)

I get to have some down time this week while we stay at the in-laws until we move into our summer apartment this weekend.  So, I fully intend to get my fill of HGTV, Food Network, Bones, Glee, SNL, and other faves (including UP)(I love hulu.com).

Speaking of down time -  this morning, I came across this:
This couple (Lynnette and James) also love the movie UP and used it as a theme for their engagements.  LOVE it.  Take a look.  Such a sweet idea.


  1. Happy Birthday! What are the chances my kid could look just like the fat Korean kid from up? He is my favorite!

  2. Hahahaha! Isn't he great? Love him.


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