Kind Over Matter - Etsy Finds

Good Morning!

I just came across this blog called "kind over matter" where in their own words...
"Kindness is all that matters.  Have you ever left something beautiful for a stranger to find, have you ever found something beautiful yourself?  We want to see it.  Focusing heavily on the handmade community, our blog is dedicated to Kind Acts, Inspirational Art & Kind Projects.  Feel Good Nouns."

Basically, it's dedicated to positive, thoughtful, and beautiful things.  My favorite part though, is their "Five Kind Etsy Finds" feature.  They find five "kind" items based on a theme and present them.  You can see all of those features here.

I found a bunch of fun/inspiring/happy things thanks to admire!

These items can be found here:
1. Success Watercolor by stephaniecorfee (sold)
2. Adventuring young lady greeting card by localwisdomcards (sold)
3. Paper Airplane pillow by diffractionfiber
4. You White - Graphic Design Printing by hueconcept (sold)
5. Mix Tape Cloth Baby Shoes by starlightsound (sold) 
6. Lemon Wedge Necklace by lulubugjewelry
8. Wild Air by The Wheatfield (sold)   

Kind Over Matter has some other special things, too... some Feel Good Nouns and their own shop with mugs, shirts, cards, etc. 
Have a good weekend!


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