I am not pregnant.

However, my friends Angela, Cambria, Chelsi, Christine, Crystal, Jackie, Naomi, Natalie, Melanie, and my Aunt Shandece are pregnant.  
(I can think of at least four more women that I know of that are expecting, too.)

So...  It seems like these ladies have been expecting for a really really long time.  I'm ready for these babies to be here! I'm not even the one with the bulging belly (he he) and I'm impatient for these little ones to be here already!  I'm ready to babysit! I'm ready to give your arms a break, ladies.

If the little ones ever come, let me know.
I'll be ready when you are.  :)

Good luck, Ladies!

And... Just for kicks... Baby Ethan


  1. this is so adorable! And anytime you are in Logan after October come and see the baby :)

  2. you are so cute Ky! this pregnancy has gone by SOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!


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