Zion 2010

I got these shoes for my birthday.  
I've hiked more this year than I have... ever.  And I've loved it. 
They (the shoes) were excellent for hiking in Zion National Park; also great for the river, because I had solid footing, and the color is so bright I could always see my feet in the water!  

Though I could go on about my shoes, I really wanted to show you some photos!

photo 1: Wow! We had gorgeous views every day.
photo 2: Starting the trek up to Angel's Landing
photo 3: Angel's Landing (Can you see the tiny people on the bottom-right?)
photo 4: The group that hiked Angel's Landing - Ryan got cut out on the left. (Sorry!)
photo 5: We made it!!
photo 6: Have I mentioned that I have a slight (bigger than I realized) fear of heights?  Eek!
photo 7: Looking up Virgin River toward the Narrows.
photo 8: Playing knee-deep in the river.
photo 9: Ryan says the water is fine.
photo 10: Another awesome view from the top.


  1. love the photos Ky! looks like a fantastic vacation! <3


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