Food in the Freezer

The end of the summer is just around the corner.  In fact, we move out of this place tomorrow.  
We'll crash with the in-laws for the weekend and start driving toward Blacksburg on Tuesday. 

I am excited to be back in Blacksburg.  I'm excited to stock-up on food again.  Today I read a post about Freezer Essentials on the Kitchn.  There were so many inspiring ideas of what other people keep in their freezer at all times.  For example, keeping one bag for leftover veggie and herb scraps for a stock.  Another example I liked was using yogurt containers for leftover mashed potatoes. And I learned that fried foods do better when frozen first and are then re-heated in the oven.  People also freeze chicken stock into ice cubes.  I know that our freezer always has: nuts, whole-wheat flour, and ice-cream.  We usually have jam, butter, leftovers, frozen pizza, frozen dough (pizza, breadsticks), bread, and cheese in there, too.   Anyway, check out the comments on the post.  I thought it was interesting. :)

Oh, and here is our freezer now, the day before we move:
(Ice packs/bags, lunch meat, Thin Mints, key lime pie, frozen blueberries, and maple syrup. 
Thank goodness for coolers to transport this stuff to ABQ.)


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