1. A post about a really yummy Maple+Tofu+Asparagus stir-fry. (Our tofu had the perfect texture!)
  2. A post about a Vegetable Lasagne (Eggplant and Zucchini) that is SO GOOD!
  3. A post about the wrap-up of my summer.
  4. A post about my busy semester.
  5. I think there are one or two other things I've thought of and just haven't gotten to, as well.
My cousin Kaleb is getting married in Raleigh, NC on Friday.  I'm skipping my classes and going to join the party tomorrow.  Some of this family I haven't seen in two years.  Exciting!!


  1. Yum! The Maple/Tofu/Asparagus combo sounds dee-lish, as does the veggie lasagne! Can't wait for the updates!

    -Lady Fromage

  2. The Stir Fry is up! Check it out! It's so yummy. When I get another spot of free time, I'll post about the lasagne. Mmm!


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