Happy Halloween Weekend!

This morning I went trick-or-treating with all of the preschoolers and their parents around some of the buildings on campus*.  It was fun.  And exhausting.  They got so much candy! In fact, one father (A health teacher) stopped trick-or-treating with his son halfway through and said "That's enough for us."  They went back to his office and played until the rest of the class was finished.  I forgot my camera, so I can't prove to you that I was really there.  I was.  There were three Tinkerbell's.  Then the rest of the class dressed up as a fairy, a butterfly, Snow White, Mulan, Boba Fett (Star Wars), Mario, Thomas the Train, Spiderman, a superhero, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a cowboy, and Dracula.  I may be forgetting someone, but that's all I can remember. 

On a semi-related note, I took these pictures of my favorite tree on campus yesterday afternoon.  With my phone.  Forgive the quality and enjoy the colors. 
Happy Halloween!

* I intern at a preschool on NRCC campus, called the Early Learning Center.  I work with 3-5 year-olds. 


  1. beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! :) We've been, sadly, turning brown here in Kansas... :(


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