Oh Dier!

Aah!! I love this shop!

A robot.

There are a bunch of lovely prints...

And some wooden signs.
My personal favorite

About a year ago (I think...) I officially added "bananas" to my vocabulary as an interjection.  In place of "dang," "dang it," or "that's too bad."   

Here's an example of how I use it.  Work with me, here:  
R: "Looks like we aren't making ____ tonight"(Because we are missing a key ingredient and it's way too late to run out to the store.)
Me: "Bananas! Well at least we've got ramen." (Side note: Ramen is the cheapest food ever.  R wants to know how grocery stores make any money from selling ramen.)(I love oriental.)(R does not love ramen as much as I do.)


  1. I love the bananas idea :) Totally swiping that to use myeslf ;)

  2. It's kind of fun - and apparently I say it all of the time. Though I try to be a little more aware of my speech when I'm around people I'm less familiar with. Bananas! Isn't it fun? hahaha


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