A Song For Saturday: "Gold" by The Swell Season

Spring Break 2008: I was flying with my then fiancé, Ryan, to Baltimore, MD, where we were going to visit some family and explore Washington, D.C.  The movie "Once" had been recommended by Ryan's mom, so he rented it through iTunes and we watched the movie on his laptop during our flight from SLC.  (R, I know I may have mixed up some of the details... correct me if I'm wrong, please. :)  

Glen Hansard (of the Irish band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová, both musicians, starred in a small film about two strangers in Dublin (He a street performer and Hoover-vacuum-repairman, she an immigrant street vendor from the Czech Republic) who begin a friendship, and over the course of a week compose and record some songs together.  The music from the film was composed by Hansard and Irglová for the movie, and they actually received a Grammy for one of their songs, "Falling Slowly."

I loved this movie, but I've only watched it once (during that flight)(no pun intended).  The movie soundtrack, however, has been a favorite since the first hearing thereof.  I've recently discovered that Hansard and Irglová formed a musical duo called The Swell Season, and have released two albums under that name (though the Once movie soundtrack is considered another of their albums), which is cool.  Though I've only listened to a bit of their other material, I still find myself turning back to the Once movie soundtrack.  My favorites from the album are: "Say It To Me Now," "Falling Slowly," "Gold," and "When Your Mind's Made Up."

Here is a video of Hansard, Irglová and some companions performing "Gold."  I love this song.  Enjoy.


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