My Grandma Mary

My Grandma Mary passed away this morning.  She'd been unwell and unhappy for a long time.  In a sense she was trapped in her own body.  However, now she's been freed and is at peace, and I'm grateful.  My sister wrote a poem this morning because she couldn't go back to sleep after the news and I got her permission to post it here because I think it's lovely and it would make my Grandma smile (maybe even cry a few happy tears since in this family we all cry so easily ;).  

March 2011

In loving memory of Mary Ellen White Ellis.  October 1, 1936 - December 1, 2011
 - Caitlin Ellis

This life was never meant to be easy, that's something you soon learned.
Your pain was great throughout your years, and now the tides have turned.
Your suffering is all gone now, something not even trained doctors could do.
Something that I never foresaw was how much I'd miss you.
I knew this day was coming, it just happened all too fast.
On this cold December morning, your defeated body passed.
I wish that I could see you now, free from the bonds of this life.
I bet you ran into our Savior's arms - no more worry, pain, or strife.
This month we celebrate His coming to the earth where the perfect life He led.
It's because of Him our family can unite again, that's something you always said.
The veil is thin, this life is fragile, and we must be our best everyday.
I'm so happy for you - your battle is won; your burdens are lifted away.
The time we'll meet at Jesus' feet, nobody knows when,
But I'll love you forever, and God will be with you until we meet again.

Love you, Grandma. 


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