Dear Photograph

I learned of Dear Photograph from Design Mom this morning and found myself enchanted and nostalgic as I looked through the photographs and notes of strangers.  Kind of fitting since we were just looking at photos of Ryan's family from the 70s last night.  I wonder what his siblings or his parents would say to the photographs...

"Taylor Jones, at just 22 years of age, was inspired to start his website Dear Photograph as he flipped through old family photos at his parents' kitchen table. When he came across an image of his brother sitting at that very same table, he lifted it up and snapped a picture of the picture. In a moment, the idea for was born. After taking more photographs, Jones posted them on a website and asked people to submit their own renditions -- but he had no idea how overwhelming of a response he would get. In just six short weeks, millions of people had visited, hundreds had submitted, and Jones had created an internet phenomenon that captured the world's attention."

Dear Photograph,
My Dad used to get all of his friends and my Uncle to come and help him do up what was then a crumbling townhouse in the wrong side of town. These days it is super posh and I think of them all standing there in the windows when I drive by everyday on my way to work.

Dear Photograph,
In high school ROTC, he was innocent to the ways of the world. After graduating, he proudly joined the marines to do his duty and serve his country. In 1983, a bombing in Beirut, Lebanon would take him from us and now all we have are photos like this…and we are thankful.

Dear Photograph,
30 years ago, I was that little boy who could see the beauty in all things far and wide. Perhaps that is the innocence of childhood…looking at life with clarity and simplicity, always enjoying the view. I hope I never lose sight of that.

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