House Tour: Bedroom & Some Small Tidbits to Share

Since Saturday we've been suffering and recovering from different maladies - colds, bronchitis, and seasonal allergies.  Luckily our room is pretty cozy, so it helped when we spent so much extra time in there this week.

Ryan gave me these photos of Canadian geese for Christmas. They're my favorite bird.  Funny, because geese are also favored among many of my extended family - but for a different reason. Hunters, you see... *shakes head*...

One thing I really love about our place is how much sunlight we get.  There are so many windows!  Coming from a place with three windows total - and to now have (...counting...) 18!  Crazy!  I love it!

Tonight we're going to see The Hunger Games!  I hope you have something fun planned to start your weekend off right!

- Bright lips in the daytime.  Not just for dance competitions. :) .via my mother.
- Access the National Gallery of Art images online, just register for free
- Why she bothers
- A beautiful cathedral-inspired side table

- Unnecessary kitchen gadgets .via nicole.
- A guide to everyday sweeteners - make your own powdered sugar!

-- I just realized that my birthday is in two months! Yay! --


  1. Oooo! I love it!!! SOOO cute! Doesn't natural light make ALL the difference? I love your doors too. I absolutely love your HUGE bed and your awesome new frame!


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