House Tour: Kitchen

Off of the living room is our kitchen.  The space also serves as our dining room and laundry room.  It has two windows, and a door to the back yard.  With the addition of our utility shelves for additional storage and the portable dishwasher, it can be a little cramped, but overall we really like it.

 Our pegboard from a couple years ago is still going strong! Also, now that it's warmed up, the shelves with the flower pots in front of the door (on the right) are now outside. :)  Typically we don't use that door during the winter, which is why they were there in the first place.

A closer look at our storage shelves. S-rings are super handy for hanging things like aprons and bundt pans. 

Some cooking magazines, jars, and beeswax butcher block conditioner.  You can find the conditioner here

A straight-on view of the kitchen.  We have been spoiled in that all of the rentals we've lived in have had gas stoves.  With this kitchen we've been spoiled with so much counter space and a lovely window.
I love these Swiss house tea towels used as curtains.  I bought them at an Arts and Crafts Fair here in town last summer.  The makers, Kei and Molly, also have an online shop. Lovely ladies.

The "laundry room."  Notice the sweet washer with it's glass-top lid! The sign behind the basket reads, "Laundry Room: Loads and loads of fun." :)

I bought the three of these separately and only realized as I was setting things up that I could arrange them in a series like this.  The star is from a Ross in Utah during college. At least, I'm pretty sure that's when I got it.  The moon is from a store called Jackalope here in New Mexico from the summer of 2010.  I love that place; so much cool stuff to be found there. The star is from a shop in Radford, Virginia.  I got it after my classes one day in spring 2010.  


  1. Wow! That is quite the room! Those knives totally freaked me out! I also squealed with delight when I saw Pete's birth announcement on your fridge!! I bet you two cook up SO many amazing meals in that friendly kitchen of yours!

  2. Friendly! I like that word. Thank you!


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