House Tour: Living Room

Good news. I finally, finally got my act together and took some photos of my place to share.  We'll start with the living room and the hallway upstairs.  OK.  Here we go!  Let's start with the view from the front door...

This is the TV/lounging/visiting area  of the room....  The couch is a red-purple.  The red chair I got in VA at the Ladies Board Rummage Sale in Leesburg, the October before last.  $50. Awesome.  Also, the rug was a Christmas gift from Lowe's a couple years ago - clearanced for $40. :D

Behind the TV we have our cube of cookbooks and toys.  The poster is from a Street Art Festival in Sion, Switzerland  - I got it while on a study abroad in 2007.   The green glass fish windchime we got in Santa Fe at an Arts and Crafts Festival on our first anniversary.  The plants are... well, surviving. Way to not die, guys, way to not die.  
 A better look at the cookbooks.  Favorites include all of the America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated books, From Massachusetts With Love, and Simply Simpatico.  

Many of our other books.  The potted plant on the right was a gift to me from my preschool class when I left last May.  I'm a little shocked the plants are doing so well. (See two photos previous.) The tin mirror is antique and a gift from my mother-in-law given to me shortly after I got married. 

Sometimes you need more flat surfaces - wall shelves helped with my need.  Frames of family and a daily-changing calendar.  I also left it a little messy.  Just because.  

We have a piano! Yay!  That bench on the right is perfect for holding throws.  Also, I'm a big fan of the green of the rug.  I have one more picture now above the white frame in the middle, but it doesn't look too different from this.  I've been keeping all of our Christmas cards on the back of our door, too. 

One of my favorite prints from the National Gallery.  A wedding gift that says, "Christ: The Center of Our Home." The framed trio in the center is from my grandfather.  A canvas of one of our wedding photos.  The framed tatting is from Ryan's grandmother.  A hand-me-down "FAMILY" picture, and a photo of the Logan, Utah temple where we were married.

Framed Lincoln Memorial photo leading us upstairs and our well-used wall coat-rack.

 I have a "thing" for postcards. 

Cathedral hall mirror upstairs and some frizzy hair.  World Market. $50. Sweet!
 Some hallway art.  It's probably time to update some of those family photos.

Welp, that's it.  My living area and upstairs hallway.  More of our place to come soon!


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