The Titanic and L'Odyssée de Cartier

The other day while waiting at a doctor's office (turns out I was having an ocular migraine) while I could still read (before they dilated my eyes) I read this fascinating article in the Smithsonian magazine about the Titanic, and why it still fascinates us.  It has some interesting stories I'd never heard before, and though I wasn't really a fan of the Titanic movie (Leo & Kate, remember?  Celine Dion, too... oy), I was really captivated by this article.  

Maybe it's that I'm a Downton Abbey fan, but there seems to be something so captivating and wondrous about this era (Downtown Abbey begins with the tragedy of the Titanic) because there were so many strict social rules (and roles), and it was pre-WWI (not even WWII!).  I do enjoy the glamour and elegance that seemed to be that status quo.  In fact, it was during this time that Cartier really made a mark in the jewelry world (for the royal, wealthy, and powerful at least).  Just last week Cartier presented a short film called, L'Odyssée de Cartier, which features many of their most famous pieces and hints at their interesting history of clientele and inspiration.  It is beautiful, enchanting, and a bit mysterious.  Then, I saw that FabSugar did a really interesting slideshow with some of the history behind the jewels featured in Cartier's new short film.  You can see the slideshow here.  If you're a naturally curious person like me, I recommend it. 


  1. I may be the last person on the planet who still hasn't seen the whole (Titanic) movie, but WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH CELINE DION????????? I love her!! :)

  2. I like Celine most of the time - but that song from the Titanic still drives me crazy. That's all I was saying. :)

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