An April Fools' Roundup

As usual, there have many big announcements today!  All of these are April Fools' Day pranks as far as I know.  Since I'd seen so many I thought I round them up and share.

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Serious Eats now has a Serious Fashion Blog - "We're Probably Cooler Than You"

Whole Foods now has a Smellness Club - "No calories, no carbs, just pure enjoyment!"

They Might Be Giants (band) is releasing a new album... for the dead!

Melissa from ISLY blog got a tattoo!

Barbie is retiring.

And OMGFacts reported that Stephenie Meyer was writing a fifth Twilight book!

Last year Pixar released this short video about a woman who works there and always plays an April Fools' joke.

Have you seen any funny April Fools' jokes today?


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