Brainstorming Menus

I'm not (yet) often a hostess of a dinner party, shower, or get-together.  So, when the opportunity comes up - and it's not something as big as Thanksgiving, which I'm all over - I find myself scrambling to come up with a suitable and not-too-large menu.  Next week I have two new friends coming over for an afternoon get-together.  My dilemma arises in that it's too late for lunch (3:45PM), and too early for dinner - so I want something light and snacky, but still enjoyable.... and maybe even a little impressive. ;)

Both of these friends have already hosted.  The first host served a chicken salad, italian-style bread, and a caprese-spinach salad.  The second host served a grilled chicken salad, pita chips and hummus, veggies and dip, and sliced oranges.  So - what do I do?  Luckily, I have a week to figure it out... but I'd appreciate some input. :)

Here's what I'm thinking of so far...

-Something with veggies
          --ribboned asparagus salad? maybe a veggie platter?  maybe some kind of salad?
-Something with fruit
          --roasted strawberry crostini w/ basil & goat cheese, my friend Julia's strawberry fruit tarts, lemony olive oil banana bread, sugar-crusted blueberry quick bread, or a simple fruit salad?
-Something else
          --homemade hummus & pita chips, a cracker and cheese platter? Would smoothies be weird?

Now remember, this is only for three people, but I'll probably have the leftovers for dinner, so I guess this menu needs to feed four people for an afternoon snack/light dinner.  What do you guys think?


  1. Oh, I love this game!

    What about a light flatbread or pizza. Maybe a ribboned asparagus pizza or something small? You could even serve a gazpacho (for some reason cold foods always seem lighter than their hot counterparts).

  2. Fun! Make the fruit tarts, you will be SO happy! They are totally delicious and WAY (subtly) impressive :)

    I think smoothies sounds like an awesome idea! A little flat bread pizza (like pesto, tomatoes, cheese) fruit tarts, a smoothie, and some water. DELISH!

    Sounds like your having fun making friends out there! Loved this post!

  3. Oh... and one more- a salad that I KNOW you'll love- Spinach, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, chopped walnuts. Either poppyseed dressing, or strawberry wine dressing (can't remember the name)


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