House Tour: The Office

Our last indoor space is the second bedroom that we use as an office.  It has great sunlight in the morning, cushy carpet like the rest of the second floor, and two closets.  (Score!) This room is the least-used, but I am so glad to have the extra space.  When we were originally looking for a rental we were hoping for 3 bedrooms, but with all of the charming features of this place (wood floors and windows, windows, and more windows, etc.) plus the convenience factors (car port, washer/dryer in-unit(!), space for a dishwasher, deck for grilling, backyard for gardening, etc.), we decided we could handle two bedrooms and compromise on space a little.  I mean, there are still only two of us so it's all good.  

A little Ansel Adams for inspiration.
 For now we still have our futon, and it fits snugly up here in the corner.  Above the futon is Ryan's pin board, a poster of the Angel's Landing hike in Zion we did a couple summers ago, and a Swiss poster from my study abroad.

Do you have little quotes or ditties around for salutation, inspiration, motivation, or contemplation? (I'm on a roll here!) On our fridge we have this one
... and we actually try to live by it. :)

-hope you had a nice easter weekend!-


  1. Ha ha I think it's hilarious that in every apartment you guys have you always have your desks "married" too! Thanks for the home tour!! Loved it! Oh, and going along with your quote feast...

    I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not.

  2. Thanks! Glad I finally got it all up. That's a great quote, too.


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