Rancho de Chimayo

A couple weeks ago we had dinner at Rancho de Chimayo before Ryan went to Boston for a few days.

It's a local New Mexican place, just around the corner from the well-known and beautiful Santuario de Chimayo.  We've been here a few times, but on this visit we ate on the back patio surrounded by trees, flowers, and a pretty white fence.  It's certainly a memorable place to enjoy an evening.  Oh yeah, and the food was delicious, too.  Ryan had the Platón Especial with red chile, while I had the Sopaipilla Relleno with green.  Yuh-um!! Great leftovers, too. :)

The sun, in true New Mexican fashion, was really beautiful during our meal and on the drive home. This is a pretty special place.  The kind of place you go for special occasions - like when you have visitors, have something to celebrate, or Ryan is going to be gone for 5 days.  


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