I'mma Be a Girl's Camp Cook

It's been a month or so in coming.  Two major Sam's Club shopping trips, making and freezing soups and salad dressings, and packing (still to be finished) have led me to the day before.  Girl's Camp week is here! I leave tomorrow around 7:30AM to help load our trailer before the trek up to our site with the other Lady Chefs.

So, I wanted to say goodbye.  Not that anything is going to happen to me (that I can know of), but being away from cell coverage and internet for 6 days seems strange and I wanted to acknowledge it.  If you need me, I'll be in the mountains, cooking for 100+ people.  I'll be the one in the striped shirt, since all my packed shirts have stripes.

Also, in prep for making my soup, I finally tried the Pinterest trick to shredding chicken in the stand mixer.  It totally works, and here are pictures to prove it.  No sore fingers from fork-holding-to-shred-chicken in this house!


Have a great week!


  1. Ky, sounds like you have had a busy month! I look forward to hearing how Girl’s Camp goes and appreciate you sharing your tip for shredding chicken. Best of luck to you this week! – Ramona from Sam’s Club


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