We're Going on a Trip & Some Tidbits

Today after lunch we're leaving for what I've been calling our "Big Trip" of the summer.  We'll be visiting family and friends in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado before coming home next weekend.  We're finishing this audiobook, and have a newly installed stereo to enjoy playlists and satellite radio for all of our driving.

Before I go, I wanted to share some cool things I came across this week:

-The 5th 'Olive Us' episode, from Design Mom's kids, "How to Visit a French Bakery"
-I love these zoo animal shaped pillows for kids
-Just two weeks ago I bought You've Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle, so I've got Nora on the mind.  What a fabulous woman she was.
-If I weren't traveling from Idaho to Wyoming on the 4th, I'd probably make this festive garland 
-Such a cool mobile
-This pirate chicken looks delicious
-The perfect summer cake

*Photo taken by me on a recent camping trip in the Jemez.


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