The other day I remarked to Ryan that it is funny that only two of us live in such a big house.  I find that I spend my time in the same areas of only a few of the rooms if I'm home during the day.  If I'm in my bedroom, I'm lying on Ryan's side of the bed.  If I'm in the living room, I'm on the right side of the couch (typically with a blanket over my legs).  If I'm in the kitchen/dining room, I'm at the table sitting in my chair against the wall.  There are rooms I don't even enter for days at a time, which is strange.

This week there have been guys fixing the drywall in the bedrooms.  Ryan and I started painting the smallest (finished) bedroom, which will be Ryan's office.  He chose a deep gray-green, with two horizontal stripes across the room in a color which has yet to be painted.  I like that he went with something bold.  This is the first time that either of us has ever had complete power in choosing whatever kind of paint colors we want.  After his room, we'll paint our room and the guest rooms.  

Painting is hard.  Wait, actually, painting is tricky until you get the hang of it, but the real kicker is all of the taping and preparation!  Cleaning the ceiling, vacuuming the walls, taping everything off and laying plastic down is kind of exhausting.  Then, once you think you can actually start painting, it turns out that you shouldn't use the roller yet because you need to brush-paint a 2-inch border around everything.  Finally you can start using the roller just like all of those HGTV programs show, but make sure you have the right technique or you'll make painted lines and look like a fool.  

We've been painting Ryan's office in slow stages.  A painted ceiling, two coats of wall color, lots of painter's masking tape and we're still not finished.  I think we've been at it for about a week now.  My goodness, and we've still got the rest of the house to do (though, not yet because they drywall hasn't been finished).  Luckily I know some people I can call on to come help when we're ready for a paint party.  

Home owning is kind of tiring, and expensive, but I really am very excited to have a chance to do whatever I like (within reason) with the walls in our house.  Our house.  Funny, I wonder when I'll get used to the reality that we now own a portion of this house.  Right here in this sweet neighborhood with the fruit trees and cottonwood in the backyard.  

Photo is mine, of my backyard. 


  1. I'll come help you paint. :)

  2. Amen siesta! Well, about the homeowning being exhausting and expensive. As for the painting, I love it!! Down to the tarpaulin and masking tap and paint splattered socks! Wish I was there to help! Cant wait to see final result!

    1. I'm liking painting more as I go along... I do love that I can see the result of my efforts very quickly with painting, though. More exciting than other house projects. :)

  3. Having just attempted paiting at my own house this weekend, I appreciate your struggles. I only got about 1/4 done of what I had planned. But I learned a whole lot....like I should wear a mask when sanding. I'm sure I inhaled a ton of lead paint flakes and will need to be revived soon.


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