The Goings On Around Here

photos from my phone.

This is my old address.  It was a good place. 

The last view out the windows, and the last SNL viewing while taking a break from packing & moving. 

Sometimes you just need some pie from Village Inn. 

Taking down the paneling, before and after.  

We found a painted peace sign (and declaration) behind the paneling.  Also, Ryan played Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. 
A favorite New Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, and a gift I wrapped for my niece.

Some of our neighbors brought us a homemade chocolate cake.  They shared that 44 years ago, when they first moved into the neighborhood, the 3 daughters of the previous owners of our house brought over a chocolate cake to welcome them to the neighborhood.  So, they thought it was fitting to bring us a chocolate cake.  Isn't that the sweetest? 


  1. oh my gosh. I swear you found the sweetest neighborhood! first showing you the bases for softball, then neighbors bringing cake... your new home is steeped in good vibes and wonderful memories!

  2. Seriously! We are so lucky!!

  3. I'm so glad you live on your new street. I love that you bought such a cool house. I still need to come and see it one day. I'm sure I need to bring you pfeffernussen (molasses spice cookies) as well. :) (This is Joyce from Church BTW ... love to read friend blogs. :) finally commenting.


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