Ah, the weekend is here.  This has been a good and (mostly) productive week.  This weekend will include a lot of prep and painting, as well as a storm door installation, and possibly a mowed lawn (so many dropped leaves!).  I'm also hoping to find my Christmas movies.  There were so many, that I packed them with the Christmas decorations, but I've found the decorations and no movies! It's nice to have someone that I like so much to do this work with.  Having his parents come up to help for a day will be nice, too. :)

These are just some sweet treats (all videos) I found this week:

-The Power of Quiet, an excerpt of Susan Cain's TED talk, The Power of Introverts, with illustration.
-What Would You Do if Money Were No Object?, narrated by Allan Watts
-Big Bang Theory Flash Mob (Ugh.  This song again?  Watch it to the end!)
-Dumb Ways to Die music video - harmless, and funny

Have a great weekend!

video: To Do List by Yaniv Fridman


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