We have these awesome friends from Colorado whom we've known since college.  Since graduating, we've made efforts to see each other either at their place or here, in New Mexico.  They have three little ones under 5, and were here just the other weekend.

Our weekend included a bit of hiking, some breakfast burritos, fruit snacks, the Avenger's (after the little ones went to bed), some guacamole-love, and lots of playing.  Mostly with Strax:

This is an awesome toy that we inherited from Ryan's mom (from his childhood).  The tracks take over a room, and come with battery-powered cars that test your track-building skills.  Our tracks weren't as intense as this kid's, but still impressive for a first try.  The whole weekend was relaxed and fun, and we look forward to spending time with them again.

Then, today I got a surprise in the mail!  They usually send sweet thank-you notes, but this time it was extra special because I had a hand-written letter from the oldest, and a drawing from the second guy.  
The letter even included a joke:
Q: "What do you call a snail on a ship?"
A: A snailor. 

Oh, man.  Day made.  Thanks, you guys.  :)


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