We're in Florida for the week.  It's actually a work trip for Ryan, but a vacation for me.  Yesterday was our one free day, so we took our cute rental car and zipped all over town.  We started at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), where we saw the Flight of the Butterflies in their Dome IMAX theater. It was a beautiful story, with stunning images, but to see it in IMAX (a dome theater, no less) was especially powerful.  After the show we wandered around some of the exhibits: The Amazing You (surprisingly interesting and interactive), and the Bio Works Butterfly Garden (free-flying butterflies!).

Next we went to The Dalí Museum.  This place has a seriously impressive collection, and we loved seeing the range of work he covered beyond surrealism, for which he was most known.   In fact, this modern piece, commonly known as "The Lincoln," is my new favorite of his works.  Fun fact: "Gala" was his wife, who posed for him frequently.  Fun fact 2: Our tour guide made sure to mention that this shape of Gala was more of what she looked like as Dalí remembered, rather than literally at the time of posing. :)

The back of the art museum has a garden, including a labyrinth and a large ficus "wish tree," where visitors tie their entry-wristbands to hanging lengths of plastic as they make a wish.  There are different colors for every day of the week, so the effect is that rainbow branches are swaying below the green leaves.  It was quite enchanting, and a lovely way to finish the visit.

Did you notice my growing belly?  ;)


  1. Super like the pic of you and the statue. Haha. So awesome! Looks like a fun trip :)


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