I've been thinking a lot about weddings today. My brother Trey his girlfriend Rachelle made it official, and are getting married this summer.  :)

Well, once I start thinking about something... I have a hard time stopping.  So, I wrote up this list and sent it to my mom as a kind of validation for my efforts, haha.  Then, after her enthusiastic response, I decided to repost it here.  Because, why not.  

Eight Semi-Helpful Thoughts on Wedding Planning, from Ky

1. Pinterest is overwhelming.  It might be easier to write out a list of things you envision now at the beginning, before having all of your plans thwarted by Pinterest "inspiration".  

1a. However, like a wedding magazine, Pinterest can be good for inspiration, but be particular and only pin what you really like.

2. Keep it all together.  Whether you have a physical accordion folder/binder, virtual folder on your desktop, or a private Pinterest board, keep all of the ideas you like best in one place.

3. Create a wedding website.  There are lots of free options with attractive themes.  This is a great way to post engagement photos, dates for the wedding, info about the bride & groom, traveller information, etc. (search for wedding websites),, and all have free options.

4. Make a list of your "splurge" items (i.e. excellent photographer, beautiful venue, designer dress, handwritten invitations, gorgeous bouquet, tasty catering, etc).  Once you know the things that matter the most to you, you know you can look for ways to save in other areas.

5. has all kinds of excellent articles and 'to-do' lists.  Very helpful for planning and budgeting. {See the 'Tools' page here.}

6. When the time comes to register, I can recommend registering on  They have everything on their site, and have a feature where you can include items from other online stores on your Amazon registry.  It's awesome.

7. There are lots of beautiful handmade things on  I'd suggest having an idea of what you might like to look for here, too, as the possibilities are seemingly endless at times.

8. Yay! These are all of my thoughts for now.

P.s. Definitely not fancy enough to be getting paid to say any of this.  These thoughts were developed from my experience, observations, and research.


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