Dear Friends, 

Weekends are the best.  This weekend our plans have changed about three different times.  Right now it looks like it will be filled with painting walls (patching), installing floor boards, transferring plants, and a bit of hang out time in Santa Fe.   This weekend I'm also going to buy some mums to pot in my new urns I bought at Lowe's this week (end of season sale!)  Mums remind me of living in Virginia, and my friend Melissa, so I think I'll probably always try to have some as Autumn comes.

I've been doing a lot of blog-contemplation.  Ages ago I would post about a 'Song for Saturday,' a menu, lots of music videos were thrown in there, a bit of travel, and a few recipes.  The only thing I've been consistent on lately is music (more for me than you. ;)  However,  I sense another wave of blog activity is near.  I even tweeted two days in a row.  I've always been active on Instagram, but I'm ready for more oomph!  More of the nitty-gritty!  (Nacho Libre, anyone?)

While I have other personal goals for this year, like a bit of painting (not on walls), sewing, and running....  I'm not totally set on what to do with this space.   I'll play around, try and schedule things a little more.  Hopefully some of it will be interesting (again, even if only for my sake).

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

The Goodies:

Saw this funny movie last week!

Been eating these cookies fresh from the oven (which were ready to go from our freezer!)

I've been loving Annie's (of Annie's Eats) school lunch photos on Instagram this month!

Can you imagine staying in one of these places? Sweden!

My friend introduced me to this food blog a while ago, but now the author is releasing a cookbook! (Thanks Julia!)

Funny: Annual Ranking of America's Top Homeschools. :)

I'm really intrigued by this meeting of hot pink and gold. 

Cup of Jo's '8 Things I've Learned About Marriage'

Didn't know this was turning into a movie.  Looks cute!

Finally, I have a few windows around here that could use these valances.  Project time!

Have a good one, folks! And don't forget to let me know what I should do with my life blog.
xo, Ky


  1. Hi cute Kylie! I love that you're going to blog more. You know I'm always up for a new recipe or a weekly menu. I love reading anything that you blog about. I love your attention to detail in everything you do.

  2. I loved the valence idea! I'll definitely have to look into that further and give it a go. Our house needs some sprucing!


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