In honor of the holiday yesterday, we ignored projects and cleaning at our house and took the day off and went to Santa Fe.  In our errands we included a trip to Camino Real Imports where I bought some Mexican blankets, and lunch at one of our favorite burger places in town, The Shake Foundation.  Green Chile Cheeseburgers all around! To top off the day, I met up with a good friend for dinner and we talked for hours!

In other news, I've recently put together a monthly dinner menu.  It covers four weeks.  We put this together at the suggestion of a sister-in-law who has used this method successfully for years.  This way, I can change things up a little, but I know much more in advance what I'll be cooking this week.  We planned weekly menus for years, but sometimes the task would be forgotten and I'd be stuck deciding, in my indecisive manner, what to have for dinner that evening.  Stressful!  In this four-week plan I haven't scheduled anything for Sundays, because Ryan is home in the afternoon and enjoys cooking, so that's our 'wildcard' day.  We also have been having Brooke cook once a week, so she either makes her own version of what is planned, or makes her own thing.  We also observe Meatless Mondays (observe makes it sound so hoity-toity), and have Wednesday dedicated to Leftovers.  We've been going for about two weeks and it's been great so far.

With that said, here is our dinner menu for this week:

For other great menu ideas, go check out my friend Jenny's Food Blog.  Also, the photo above was taken by Ryan this weekend.

See you soon! 
xo, Ky


  1. Yay for a menu post! Planning a month in advance is so smart!


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