MENU: 7 SEPT. - 13 SEPT.

 This weekend we explored a paved trail that led us to a dead end.  After continuing on through bushes and hills (with a stroller, since we thought it'd all be paved), we eventually made our way into a neighborhood that connected to another lovely, paved, trail.  

We were up early in the morning, and got to enjoy the sunrise and cool breezes of early autumn.  Though much more adventurous than what we'd had in mind, it was a lot of fun.  After all of our exploring, we went to a few yard sales and bought a few things to be fixed up.  I need to buy a staple gun, now! I can't wait!  I'll blog more about those as I actually gather supplies.

Brooke has been making dinner once a week.  Typically they've been on Sundays, and she's done a great job.  Last night she made a crispy honey pepper beef with rice and a peach crisp for dessert.  She has a special notebook to write all of her successful recipes in that we're going to customize by collaging  the outside cover.  I love doing things like that.  I'll probably have to do the same to one of my notebooks, too.  You know, so she's not lonely while she's working on hers. ;-)

Here's the menu for the week!:
Photos above taken by me this weekend, on my iPhone.


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