A few weeks ago we went on a short trip to Utah.  My brother and his wife, newly married in July, were being celebrated with an open house. 

The 'young-marrieds'.
Our good family friends had offered to host the event in their backyard, and put a lot of work into preparing the space.  Unfortunately, it rained the whole weekend.  Luckily, my mom had reserved space at her church, so we were able to put on the event there.  Very different from what we'd all imagined, but it turned out lovely.  It was small, friendly, and pleasant.  The nicest thing about this smaller event (compared to the two receptions earlier in the summer), was that there was time to actually visit with people.  Extended family, old family friends, etc.  It was very nice to see so many people that I care about, and actually have time to carry on a conversation.

Since we didn't end up having the extra beauty of being outside in a well manicured garden, we spent the night before painting vases to bring some color and beauty into the functional and athletic space at the church.  There were very pretty details, and I think that it all turned out quite nicely.  Way to go, Mom!


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